About Dr. S. M. Atiq



Late Dr. S. M. Atiq, Founder of the Huma Cancer Society
(07.04.32 – 01.11.1994)

Dr. Atiq was a Lucknow based Ayurvedacharya and the inventor of the alternative cancer therapy HU-MA. Dr. Atiq had decided to fight the cancer demon from his very childhood when he witnessed his mother's painful end due to oral cancer. The impact of the incidence was so intense that it did not let Atiq sit easy for a moment even during his childhood. His inquisitive mind would restlessly grope for ways and means to work out a cure for the dreaded disease. His childhood imaginations took shape after he completed his formal studied in Ayurveda and started his extensive research. He collected rare ancient Ayurvedic text and thoroughly studied them. Fruitful assistance came from his father-in-law who had provided him all possible help towards translating his childhood dream into a reality. After decades of experimentation, he could successful in treating a cancer patient in 1986 with Ayurvedic medicines. There after more cancer patients was benefited with the same therapy. However, very few people did actually paid attention to his claim. Ayurvedic cancer therapy was not a hot topic at that time. Dr Atiq was disillusioned with the medical world and the health care authorities, who had never shown the remotest interest in his claim. After a very tedious and long winding process, during which he wrote to all and sundry, including the Prime Minister and the President of India, he finally managed to get his medicine tested for toxicity and obtain a certificated for no toxicity' from Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow. No much laboratory research was possible there after as the formulation of the Ayurvedic medicine was not disclosed because it was not patented. Dr. Atiq carried his work silently and accumulated evidences that his formulation could actually cure many patients. However, his untimely demise due to brain haemorrhage left everyone shattered. Now his daughters Dr. Hina and Fatima is carrying on the mission he had had started.

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