Benefited Patients

Most of the patients who present for treatment in Huma Cancer Society are in very advance stages of their malignancy. Virtually there is not possibility for initiating curative therapy in them. Moreover, they have exhausted all their resources before coming. Huma therapy is offered to these cancer patients primarily for palliation. Management of the disease is the main aim.  Here are comments of some patients who were benefited by this therapy.

1. Mohd Jameel, multiple myeloma

2. Ram Naresh, disseminated malignancy ? primary

3. Abdul Shakoor, oral cancer

4. Mohd Ibrahim, colorectal cancer

5. Md. Sabir Ali, pancreatic cancer

6. Aizaz Ahmad Khan, Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma

7. Sazma, Osteo sarcoma

8. Sunil Yadav, tongue cancer

9. Chandrika Prasad, oral cancer

10. Istyak, spindle cell sarcoma of forearm