Case Reports

Case 1: Treatment of Oral Cancer


A 70 years old male presented with horney irregular growth from the upper lip in Nishat Hospital and Research Centre, Lucknow on 29.11.99. Three years earlier he was operated for a similar benign growth in his upper lip. The patient was diabetic since last 10 years and was taking oral hypoglycemic. The biopsy from his growth done on 30.11.99 indicated verrucous carcinoma. The patient was having financial problem and hence, could not react immediately to the situation. Two months later when his pain elevated the patient was referred to J K Cancer Institute (JKCI), Kanpur for further management. He was seen by the oncologists in the JKCI, Kanpur and his biopsy slide was reviewed, his disease was then staged as T4N3MX. The option of conventional therapy was discussed with the patient. However, because of his old age, poor health condition and financial problems the patient did not consented for the same. He wanted to try the alternative cancer therapy HUMA primarily for palliation. His alternative therapy started from March 2000. At the start of HUMA therapy (Fig 1a) the patients was unable to take solid food because of pain and swelling in his mouth. After the start of HUMA therapy decrease in pain intensity and shrinkage of tumor was noted (Fig 1b). The patient was able to take solid food. Gradually his health condition improved. After 6 months of this alternative therapy the tumor regressed completely (Fig 1c). His therapy continued for 2 years and then stopped. No adverse side effect of the therapy was recorded. The patient so far has completed 7 years of relapse free survival after stoppage of therapy.


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