Case Reports

Case 10: Treatment of osteogenic sarcoma

A 22 years old girl presented with swelling on her right thigh with difficulty in walking in the clinic of Dr. Rakesh Kare, Moradabad on 02.07.02. There was a history of right thigh injury 3 months earlier. Since injury her thigh swelling did not subside. X- ray of the knee with thigh was done, which indicated cortical destruction on the lateral margin of lower end of femur & soft tissue mass was seen adjacent to the femur, suggestive of either infection or neoplasm. FNAC done from the femur tissue mass were suggestive of sarcomatous lesion. The patient was advised surgery and / or chemotherapy & radiotherapy. However, the patient refused conventional therapy because of social & financial problem. She started HUMA therapy from August 2002. Gradually, some improvement was noted after 1 month of therapy. After 3 months of therapy the pain was gone & she was able to walk properly. She was absolute stable and normal after completing 1 year of therapy. X-ray done on 26.08.03 revealed the presence of cortical lytic lesion at the lower end of femur. She was examined in Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences and King George Medical College and a fresh FNAC was done and the finds were suggestive of osteogenic sarcoma. She continued the therapy for another 6 months and discontinued it because of financial problems. In August 2004, seven months after stopping the therapy when she again came to the clinic, the swelling which subsided with the therapy had grown to a massive size. The alternative therapy was restarted. However, there was no response of the therapy.

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