Case Reports

Case 2: Treatment of Oral Cancer


A 60 years old male presented with a lesion on the right cheek (Fig 2 a). He was earlier treated with antibiotics but did not respond. The biopsy done from his lesion indicated squamous cell carcinoma (Fig 2 b). He was advised conventional therapy, but the patient refused because of financial problems. He wanted to try HUMA. After initiating the alternative therapy his lesion gradually started to heal. After 6 months of therapy his lesion healed completely (Fig 2 c). Because of financial problems the patient discontinued the therapy after 9 months. Four months after stoppage of medication the patient had a relapse. The therapy was restarted; however, the patient did not response to the alternative therapy. The patient lost weight as he was unable to take solid food. Because of financial problem the patient also could not go for any conventional therapy or management. The patient expired 2 months after relapse.

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