Case Reports

Case 3: Treatment of Oral Cancer


A 58 years old male chronic tobacco edict presented with growth in tongue and lower lips (See Fig). Biopsy done in J K Cancer Institute, Kanpur on 08.01.02 indicated squamous cell carcinoma. The staging of the tumor was T3/4N1MX. He was advised radiotherapy / chemotherapy, but the patient did not have much faith on conventional therapy and he was also having financial problem. Hence, he wanted to try an alternative cancer therapy. He started the HUMA therapy from 22.01.02. After about a month of therapy the growth of his tongue and lip started showing signs of regression (Fig. 3b). And after 6 months of therapy the growth of his lip dried up and got detached (Fig 3c). The growth of his tongue also regressed, leaving a white scar in his tongue. The patient wanted to discontinue the therapy after 1 year as his tumor regressed completely, though his tongue patch remained. After stoppage of therapy the patient remained incidence free for about 2 years. In June 05 the patient again reported to the clinic with fresh growth in his tongue at the same site. The therapy was restarted, though the patient showed little sign of regression in the beginning, but his growth did not regress after continuing the therapy even over a month. Biopsy from the tongue was done on 30.06.05 which indicated squamous cell carcinoma.


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