Case Reports

Case 4: Treatment of Oral Cancer


A 30 years male a chronic smoker and tobacco edict presented with small growth in the base of tongue at Mehrotra Pathology Centre on 12 .02.03. Biopsy from the tongue growth was done which indicated squamous cell carcinoma. The patient was referred to G M & Associated Hospital (KGMC), for further management.  The patient was advised for radiotherapy (RT). However, because of long waiting list he was given a date for radiotherapy after 2 months. He then went to Kamla Nehru Memorial Hospital, Regional Cancer Centre, Allahabad. There too he could not get an immediate date for radiotherapy. The patients been a farmer have exhausted a lot of money in travel and investigations. To raise funds for his treatment the patient had to sale some portion of his agricultural land. When he could accumulated sufficient funds after about 6 months he visited SGPGIMS on 06.08.03, there his tumor which was now grown bigger in size was staged as T4N1M0  and he was advised radiotherapy / chemotherapy. The patient in SGPGIMS interacted with other cancer patients undergoing conventional therapy. He was afraid to see some cancer patients with adverse side effects caused because of conventional therapy. Finally he decided that he is not going for any conventional therapy. The patient wanted to take some alternative therapy and came and met us on 18.08.03. Our best efforts to convince the patient for the conventional therapy failed. The patient could not over come his fear of adverse side effect associated with conventional therapy. When he started HUMA therapy (dated 20.08.03) he was unable to speak or eat any solid food as his tumor, which was rock solid had infiltrated the vocal cord (Fig 4a). He was also having considerable pain. After a month of therapy his performance status improved considerably, his tumor started to become soft and his pain came down considerably. The patient was able to eat solid food and speak properly. After 3 months of therapy the tumor burst open. He was given antibiotic coverage for 10 days. The patient recovered fast and his lesion healed within 15 days. After 5 months of the alternative therapy though his external lesion healed completely but his internal lesion did not regressed completely. As the general condition of the patient improved, he again resorted to tobacco chewing. Because of which his conditions again started deteriorating and after 2 months a fistula was formed at the same place of the external lesion (Fig 4d).  There was continuous discharge from the fistula. Thereafter, the patient started to have difficulty in taking even liquid food. Gradually over all health condition of the patient stared to deteriorate and he expired after 2 months after this incidence.


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