Case Reports

Case 5: Treatment of Oral Cancer

A 45 years old male presented in the clinic of the Huma Cancer Society with a big lesion in his lower lips (Fig 5a) on 03.12.02. He was advised for biopsy; however, the patients refused biopsy because of social and financial problems. The patient was too poor to afford any convention therapy or management. The patient want to try HUMA as one of his friend suffering from oral cancer had been benefited with this therapy. His therapy started from 03.12.02. There was a marked regression of oral lesion after 3 months of therapy (Fig 5b ). After 6 months of intensive therapy when his lesion had regressed completely the patients was switch to low dose maintenance therapy. However, after 3 months of maintenance therapy, a fresh tumor appeared in the lower lip (Fig 5d). Aggressive therapy was restarted and the patient responded to it. His growth regressed after another 3 months of therapy (Fig 5e). The therapy was continued for another 6 months and stopped on the request of the patient when his lesion had healed completely. The reason behind stoppage of therapy was financial problems. However, after 2 months after this incidence the patient again reported in our clinic with another relapse. On our request the patient went for a FNAC. The findings indicated grade III Dysplasia with early malignant changes ?Epidermoid carcinoma. The therapy was again restarted. However, there was no effect on the lesion this time. Gradually the lesion spread to his chin. The patient started having difficulty in taking food. The patient expired after 3 months of this incidence.


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