Case Reports

Case 6: Treatment of Oral Cancer

A 60 year old male, chronic tobacco edict presented with a growth in the right cheek extended upto upper lip (Fig 6a ) in our clinic on 06.06.03. Biopsy from cheek growth done on 19.05.03 (Dr. RML Mehrotra Pathology Centre) indicated verrucous squamous cell carcinoma. He wanted to try HUMA because he had a deep belief about the effectiveness of this therapy in treatment of oral cancer. His therapy started from 06.06.03. The patient responded to the therapy. His growth regressed completely after 8 months of intensive therapy (Fig 6d). Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) done on 26.02.04 from the tumor site, was found negative for malignant cells. However, after 15 days of this incidence the patient again came to our clinic with a massive swelling in his cheek. The puncture site which was made for doing FNAC got infected (Fig 6e). He was also having pain in his jaws. X-ray was done which indicated dental cares. He was treated with antibiotics but he did not respond. After a month there was fresh growth in his cheek from the same site. FNAC was done, which indicated relapse of the disease. Along with the HUMA therapy now he was also given 5-FU and Vincrestin for about a month. However, the combination therapy did not have much effect. The patient refused for other conventional therapy and continued the HUMA therapy. However, no further response was observed. The patient health condition gradually deteriorated as he was not able to take solid food and the patient expired on May 2004.

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