Case Reports

Case 7: Treatment of Multiple myleoma


A 35 years old male patient presented with severe pain in his back and difficulty in walking at G M & Associated Hospital on 17.08.95. He was admitted in the department of Neurology, King George Medical College (KGMC) Lucknow for investigation and treatment. X- ray spine showed multiple vertebral collapse. X ray skull showed multiple lytic areas. The bone marrow examination was suggestive of lymphoma / multiple myeloma. The patient was given 1 cycle of chemotherapy. However, his health condition deteriorated further because of the adverse side effects of chemotherapy. The patient did not wanted to continue further therapy and after leaving the hospital he started HUMA therapy from 28.08.1995. He was completely bed ridden at the start of therapy. Marked improvement in general health condition was noted after start of the alternative therapy. His back pain gradually came under control. X ray D L spine done on 10.03.96 indicated partial collapse of multiple vertebrae (T 7, T 9, T 12, and L 4 ) in dorsal and lower lumber region. Bone marrow exam done on 18.05.1996 were within normal limits except mild lymphocytic increase. X ray done on 24.04.97 indicated partial collapse of multiple vertebrae with preserved I.V. space and no paravertebral soft tissue shadows.  Bone marrow done on 24.04.97 were within normal limits. As the patient became absolutely normal the alternative therapy was stopped from April 97. Bone marrow examination was again repeated on 11.02.99 and 01.07.2000 which indicated a normal study. Bone marrow examination done 26.09.2001 indicated presence of a few large atypical lymphocytes. So far the patient has completed over 14 years disease free survival.

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