Case Reports

Case 8: Treatment of ? Pancreatic cancer

A 43 years old male presented in Fatima Hospital, Lucknow with acute epigastric pain radiating to back on 26.02.98. He was treated by Dr. B N Kapoor who prescribed some medicine and advised him to undergo a USG of abdomen. The patient also consulted Dr. V K Khanna for his problems he too advised him for USG. His USG of abdomen done on 1.3.98 indicated chronic pancreatitis with acute exacerbation. He was given allopathic medicines for managing his problem. The patient continued with the allopathic medicines. After about 2 month his problem aggravated, he was again advised to undergo another abdominal USG on 2.5.98. The result of USG indicated slightly bulky pancreas with irregularly dilated pancreatic duct, with bulky head of pancreas. The impression was either chronic pancreatitis or carcinoma head of pancreas. He was advised for ERCP. He was then referred to gastroenterologist Dr. D K Agarwal for further management (27.07.98). The patient was given enzyme supplement for the treatment of chronic pancreatitis, however, he did not respond. His upper abdominal pain went on increasing. The patient went to the Balrampur hospital (10.09.98) for further treatment. For his pain management he was given voveron injection and was advised for a CT scan of abdomen.  The abdominal CT scan done on 7.10.98 indicated pancreatic head neoplasm with multiple cystic components dense calcification dilated pancreatic duct and atrophic body and tail region. There was a possibility of cystadenoma also. So the patient was advised for a CT guided biopsy of the pancreatic tumor. He was also made aware about going for surgical intervention if the tumor is malignant. The doctors attending the patient told the patient that the chance of his tumor to be malignant was more than 90%. A biopsy was needed only to confirm the diagnosis. The patient who was not in a position to undergo surgical intervention did not go for the biopsy and opted for HUMA therapy. When the patient present in the clinic of the Huma Cancer Society he was extremely ill, cachexic, anorexic, and was having intermittent upper abdominal pain. He started the HUMA therapy from 10.11.98. There was a gradual improvement in the general health condition of the patient after the start of the alternative therapy. After about 3 months of therapy the abdominal pain of the patient was completely gone and his appetite became normal. After about 4 months of therapy the patient started to do his regular routine work. The therapy was continued for 11 months and stopped. USG abdomen done on 20.09.03 indicated a normal study with some fatty changes in the liver. For the last 10 years the patient is leading a normal life.

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