Benefited Patients



Chandrika Prasad, 569/99 Village Bargawan, Sector- G, LDA Colony, Lucknow.

I was in a poor state of health after initiating radiotherapy for the treatment of my oral cancer. Due to adverse side effect of radio therapy my face was badly swollen; I hardly could eat anything or leave my bed. Everyone in my family was sure that I would not survive for long. However, then one of my friend told me about Huma cancer Society, my son contacted Dr. Hina and I started to take her medicines. After that my condition improved drastically. Now I am free from cancer for the last 4 years. I believe that the  alternative therapy did help me to recover from my disease.

The patient was interviewed by Dr. Sanjoy  K Pal on 2002. The present status of the patient is not known.