About Dr. S. Hina Fatima


Dr. Syeda Hina Fatima, daughter of late Dr. S M Atiq is Ayurvedashastri from Dhampur, Bijnour. Soon after completion of her studies she had to take the rein of the mission left by her father after his untimely demise in 1994. Her pain staking research has added a new dimension to the mission conceived by her father i.e. of cancer treatment for the underprivileged people with Ayurveda medicine. Over the years she meticulously compiled evidence regarding the effectiveness of the alternative cancer therapy HU-MA. As a result of which many conventional doctors and oncologists now regard this alternative approach effective. Due to her confident and pleasant personality she has become a very popular doctor. To many downtrodden poor cancer patients she is like Messiah. Dr. Hina is also a strong religious person and believes that prayers can have positive effect in the healing process.


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