What is HUMA
HUMA is a Poly herbal formulation use for cancer treatment. This formulation was invented by Dr. S M Atiq. The herbs used for this therapy are medicinally important Ayurvedic herbs like Azadirachta indica, Curcuma longa, Embelica officinalis,Ocimum sanctum, Semecarpus anacardium, Tinospora cordifolia etc. The exact composition of the herbs could not be disclosed as the formulation is still not patented. This herbal formulation is free from steroids.

Method of taking the medicine
The formulation is both in liquid and solid form. HUMA liquid (medicine) is to be taken twice a day. The liquid drop should be poured on a small piece of sugar candy (Batasha), and swallowed with warm water. Preferably, half an hour after breakfast and dinner. There is an energy powder which has to be taken once / twice a day. A pinch of powder is to be put in warm water and left for sometimes before drinking.

One drop of the HUMA liquid medicine for adults and ½ drop for children below the age of 12 years.

No other alternative cancer therapy should be tried along with this therapy.
Boiled and filtered water should be taken during the therapy.
Steamed rice should be avoided.
Plain milk should be avoided.
Few food items act as antagonist to this therapy and should be avoided: Arhar Dal, Urad Dal, Patatoes, Tomatoes, Mangoes, Water melon, Coconut water, Bananas.

Side effects
Over thousand patients have tried this therapy and so far, very few patients have complained of side effects. However, if the medicines are taken in heavy doses it can cause diarrhoea.

How it works
The exact mode of action is not known. However, it can be assumed that
HUMA may have immunostimulatory effect; it is not directly cytotoxic to tumor cells. The goal of this therapy is to nourish, restore the balance the body functions and rejuvenate general health of the body.

Toxicity Testing
HUMA was tested in animal model for possible toxicity. No adverse cytotoxic effects were noted.

Clinical Trials
There is no randomized clinical trial conducted with HUMA. However, hundreds of cancer patients try this therapy ever year. It has been observed that this therapy is quite effective in treatment of blood cancers (Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, Acute Lyphomblastic Leukaemia), Oral carcinoma, Gastrointestinal tract cancers, malignant brain tumors, breast and uterine cancer etc. It was found effective in the treatment of few types of sarcomas.

Some Advantages of HUMA

  • Oral Administration
  • Shown to be effective against in some drug resistant cancer in few patients
  • Well Tolerated
  • Cost Effective
  • Prevents Recurrences of Secondaries
  • Relieves Despondency
  • Also effective for those patients who are troubled by the side-effects of chemo-therapy and radiotherapy

Durations of therapy
From 6 to 12 months. In some patients the therapy may go up to a prolonged period.

Quality control of medicines
The medicine is prepared by the HUMA Cancer Society. Adequate attentions are paid for maintaining the quality of the medicines and avoid batch to batch variations.

Cost of the medicine
The monthly cost of the medicine is Rs. 8000.** [For Indian patients]
For patients from foreign country per month medicine charge USD 125.

** Medicine once given shall not be returned. The cost of the medicine is not refundable. Reports of patients shall not be returned.

Please click here to see the certification issued by CDRI, Lucknow.