Benefited Patients



Mohd. Istyak, Keishaw Nagar, Atoo Road, Amethi (UP)

I live in a village. When I noticed swelling in my left arm I went to the village doctor. His medicine failed to give me relief. The swelling gradually became very big and I was take to the city hospital  for check up. There I was told that I am suffering for sarcoma and form of cancer and my hand have to operated. I did not wanted to loose my arm and inspite of all warnings, I wanted to try Huma Therapy. I responded quite well to the therapy and my tumor which was rock solid began to became soft and shrink. Then a portion of my tumor fell off and I had massive bleeding. The dressing  of my wound was a big problem for me. My wound then got maggot infestation. It was very difficult to manage my tumor and then I was taken to KGMU, Lucknow for operation. There my arm was amputed. But, the histopathology report indicated that my tumor was negative for cancer cells.    

The patient was interviewed by Dr. Sanjoy K Pal on 2005. The present status of the patient is not known.