Benefited Patients


I was having acute backache for 2 - 3 months. Many tests and X-ray was done, I was finally diagnosed to have multiple myeloma in 1995. Doctors suggested chemotherapy and one cycle of chemo was given. However, the medicines had a severe side effects in me and I was unable to continue more chemotherapy. I was in a bad condition when I was discharged from the hospital. One of my friends informed me about Huma Therapy. I was bedridden when this alternative therapy started. Gradually, my condition improved and I was able to do my routine work without any problem. It is almost 10 years now and I am still healthy and fit. I like to thank my friend who gave the address of the Huma Cancer Society and Dr. Hina for giving me a new life.

As told to Dr. Sanjoy K Pal in an interview on 2006.