Benefited Patients


s2I was having problem with my digestion along with acute pain in my stomach. Doctors examined me and various tests were conducted finally it was concluded that I was suffering from pancreatitis. However, the prescribed medications failed to relive my problems. My conditions deteriorated further. I was unable to bear the pain and associated problems. I was advised to undergo CT Scan. The scan revealed a big undifferentiated mass in the head of the pancreas, which my doctor explained me, could be malignant. I was not in a position to undergo conventional treatment i.e. surgery or chemotherapy so I didn't go for the biopsy. I tried HUMA instead. My problems gradually subsided. I was able to join my business after 2 months of therapy. It is almost 5 years now and a recent USG abdomen test indicated a normal study.

As told to Dr. Sanjoy K Pal in an interview on March 2004.