atiqIt was the dream of a person Dr. S M Atiq to offer cancer patients with an affordable and painless, but effective cancer therapy. His decades of research and experimentation with various ayurvedic herbs culminated in a Herbal cancer therapy called HUMA. It took Dr. Atiq a long time to convince people that his herbal therapy works for cancer. However, over the years the number of patients who were benefited by his medicine kept on increasing. Many conventional doctors who were apprehensive about this alternative therapy in the beginning have now joined hands with the society. This is because of the objective evidence of regression of cancer documented in many patients. One of the main aims of the Society still remains to provide cost-effective evidence based alternative cancer medicine to needy patients. The primary aim of the society is to provide terminal cancer patients care beyond cure.

The Huma Cancer Society was formed by Dr. S M Atiq in 1989 (Regd No. 4074/89-90). The Society from then had undergone lot of transformation. The present head quarter of Huma Cancer Society is located at Hazratganj, Lucknow.  The name Huma Cancer Society reflects a mission to help the mankind by rendering its services for the remedial research of CANCER. Huma Cancer Society comprises people from different walk of life viz. medical doctors, scientists, social workers, and journalists etc. who have pledged to join hands to fight cancer.

Office Bearers of the Society

Mrs. S. Fatima Fiza
Vice President
Mrs. Naseem Fatima
Joint Secretary
Mr S. A. I. Fatimi
Mrs. S. N. Sultana

Dr. Ramesh Chandra
Dr. S. M. Kaul

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