Benefited Patients



Sazma, Mohallah Khan Sharif, Moradabad, UP

When my doctor told me that my leg has to be amputated because I was suffering from bone cancer (oesteosarcoma) I was shattered. I did not like to be crippled for rest of my life. So my parents decided to try HUMA therapy. When this alternative therapy started I could hardly walk properly because of pain in my legs. The herbal medicines did wonder and my pain was gone, I was again able to walk  without problem. I am still undergoing therapy and feel that I can fight my cancer with the help of HUMA.

The patient was interviewed on August 2003 by Dr. Sanjjoy Pal. This patient responded well to the Huma Therapy, however, because of the financial problem the therapy was discontinued. The Patient expired in Mar '2006